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How To Make Beaded Jewelry

Creating a Wrapped Loop

1.String bead(s) on a piece of wire or a headpin.

2.Using chain nose pliers, create a 90º angle bend in the wire. (fig. a).

3.Place round nose plier jaws right up against the bead within the 90º angle bend in the wire. The wire should be placed about ¼” from the tip of the plier jaws (fig. b).

4.With your fingers, press the wire up and over the top jaw of the round nose plier (fig. b). Take the plier jaw out of the half loop just created. Place the half loop on the lower jaw of the plier. Pull the wire under the lower plier jaw to create a complete loop. See (fig. c). If you need to attach the loop to chain, another loop or an earring finding, attach it now before closing the loop.

5.Using chain-nose pliers, grip the loop and wrap the wire tail around the wire at the base of the loop (fig. d).  Trim the excess wire.

Creating a Wrapped Loop

How to Make a Chinese Sliding Knot

Love this "Claymation" style tutorial on how to make a Chinese Sliding Knot...quite possibly the best I've seen! This style of knot is great when you need to make an adjustable necklace or bracelet.

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Making A Chinese Sliding Knot For Jewelry